Brutally Deceased - Black Infernal Vortex

Brutally Deceased Black Infernal Vortex cover
Brutally Deceased
Black Infernal Vortex
Doomentia Records
This is the second full-length release for this death metal act from the Czech Republic. Even though this band was formed in 2007, they are fully fond of the 90s death metal music and especially Dismember.
I remember listening to lots of death metal music in the mid-90s, when the specific genre was on its prime. Even though I’m not into death metal anymore, I can say that nothing has really changed since these days – especially for these folks. Raw & sharp production, heavy riffs brutal vocals and the same evil//death-like thematology. Certainly not bad for any death metal fan out there – especially the die-hards ones… but not enough to make me wanna deal with it any further. The death metal genre devotees should possibly find something to fancy on “Black Infernal Vortex”.