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Brother Against Brother
Brother Against Brother
Frontiers Music srl
Following the Allen/Lande recipe, Frontiers Music presents their new music project under the name Brother Against Brother, which features Nando Fernandes (The Grandmaster, Lightning Strikes, Sinistra) and Renan Zonta (Electric Mob) on vocals, who are backed-up by Alessandro Del Vecchio on bass & keyboards, Jonas Hornqvist on guitars and Michele Sanna on drums. The debut album was written by Del Vecchio, who also took care of the production which is powerful and heavy on the whole.
“Brother Against Brother” is a concept album, which tells a story between two brothers Moisés and Ramses; obviously affected by the biblical story. I must say that Nando and Renan’s voices are making a great match… they are different but both are powerful at the same time. Of course there will be comparisons with the Allen/Lande project as the music is much influenced by Magnus Karlsson’s songwriting plus the eastern influences (due to the lyric concept I guess). Yet that ain’t something to bother you since you will find several songs to enjoy here and the performances from both vocalists are simply amazing!
I do not know if there’s gonna be another Brother Against Brother album in the future, but I do know that this release has totally served its purpose more than well. The 80s, 90s and 00s metal influences will gratify most of the metalheads that fancy great voices and strong musicianship. So, do give this album a spin on the double.