On a Bridge of Dust - Facing the Opposite

On a Bridge of Dust
Facing the Opposite
Atomic Stuff
On a Bridge of Dust is an Italian band which appeared in 2008. They started working on their debut album and in 2011 everything was set to go. Unfortunately, this band is a “cruel sample” of how independent releases can go wrong from time to time, if there’s no specific strategic plan of promotion. The album was left in a shelf for far too long. The “weird” thing is that the album was almost in every file sharing site even though it was only presented in very few webzines.
It was this year that the band was “discovered” by Atomic Stuff which believed that they needed to have a second chance and they pushed it to the market again. Although, “Facing the Opposite” was originally meant to be released in 2011, it’s now in 2013 when it finally finds its way out. I guess, better late than never.
The band’s music is primarily based on the rhythm section parts of bands like Tool, Katatonia, A Perfect Circle, Isis, Mastodon and so forth. They do restrain the prog feeling the abovementioned bands have, but they have also embellished their sound with post-rock, modern and alternative elements. The album was recorded & mixed at Hate studio by Maurizio Baggio and Michele Zamboni. The production was done by the band, following the formula of the major bands of the genre, and it’s fabulous.
Sometimes, it just doesn’t matter when an album has been released or when it was meant to be in the market given that the final outcome is satisfactory. On a Bridge of Dust are having a second chance here and I do hope they make it this time. If you fancy alternative/post-rock with prog touches then “Facing the Opposite” would be a good choice…