Bovine The Sun Never Sets on the British Empire

The Sun Never Sets on the British Empire
FDA Rekotz
A very interesting release has reached my ears lately, straight out of Birmingham. The band’s name is Bovine and their first album is entitled “The Sun Never Sets on the British Empire”. Imagine bands like Kyuss or Clutch playing their songs 4 times faster and you will begin to understand what Bovine sound like. 
Characterizing Bovine as a sludge band would have been unfair, there are so many kinds of music massed together in this album that I don’t think it can fit in just one music genre. There's influences from the Seattle sound of the 90s, there’s a bit of stoner rock, a hint of punk and hardcore, there are even a couple of acoustic guitar sections. The whole album overflows with raw power, heavy guitar riffs, strong drumming and highly original vocals that do not try to sound like anyone else's. It is clear that we are dealing with four people who have spent a lot of time and energy writing these songs and are really eager to share their music with the rest of the world. 
If I had to chose the highlights of the album those would be: “Thank Fuck I Ain’t You”, “Military Wife” and without a doubt “The Sun Never Sets on the British Empire”. If I were you, I would look out for them in the future; my guess is that we’ll see some really interesting things from them in the years to come.