Boss Keloid - Herb Your Enthusiasm

Boss Keloid Herb Your Enthusiasm cover
Boss Keloid
Herb Your Enthusiasm
Black Bow Records
This weirdly named British quarter had me quite ill-disposed from the get go… YABB (yet another bearded band) that would be playing some sort of stoner/doom/sludge, I thought, meh…
Well I wasn’t wrong, since that’s what Boss Keloid are all about, but they manage to do it well enough. With some gargantuan and colossally heavy riff-mountains, they manage to sound quite engorging and their groove manages to drown away any doubts you might have. Raised on a healthy diet of Sabbath, Keelhaul and maybe a bit of Melvins – but a lot more epic.
They are crushingly heavy and they manage to be hypnotic, without sounding boring. Their vocals are not exactly clean, but are better than those of lot of similar bands… they are as vigorous as they are viscous to the point of suffocation at the same time.
If you like a drowning sort of sludgy doom that despite its filth is lucrative and focused enough, you can’t go wrong with these guys, so I have little hesitation to recommend.