Born from Pain - Dance with the Devil

Born from Pain Dance with the Devil cover
Born from Pain
Dance with the Devil
Beatdown Hardwear Records
I do not think that Born From Pain need any special introductions, apart from the line-up changes which is kind of part of the band’s history. The new album marks the return of the original guitarist Serve Olieslagers on the band. Along comes the new drummer, Max van Winkelhof (Arma Gathas, ex-Disloyal). I guess as a quintet now, we can expect even heavier and more aggressive live shows as well!
At first I approached this album a bit cautiously, due to the fact that I was never a hardcore/metal/punk fan, but as the album started rolling I went with the flow… meaning that I appreciated and enjoyed it more than I thought I’d do! Of course, the thrash metal background of the album and the metallic aura it has played a major role on that. Fast, aggressive, pissed-off, heavy tracks full of anger and hatred… is what this album is all about. With a [email protected] powerful and in-your-face sound to conclude the whole outcome.
There are a bunch of guest appearances on the album by Matthi (Nasty) on “Truth of the Streets”, Scott Vogel (Terror) on “Bleed the Poison”, Def P on “Stand Free” and Aleks Last Hope, Lalo Take Em Out & Riz (King Ly Chee) on “Nomad”. The last “hidden track” was a fine surprise as we hear the band playing the last part of “Hotel California” by Eagles, with heavy guitars… a quite interesting and pleasant cover.
Surely, the hardcore elements are there… but I would call them metallic hardcore ones… or even better this is how metalcore should be like instead of the teenage, angry, gay shit we have in mind nowadays. If I call Born From Pain a metalcore band then I’m sure lots will get the wrong idea about this album’s music. Nonetheless, this reminded me of the era when some punk & thrash metal bands used to trade elements and it was hard to tell what was what… now imagine something relative to this with hardcore, thrash metal and punk and you’ve got “Dance with the Devil”! Be ready to bang your heads like crazy! [email protected]’ aggressive, brutally groovy and heavy…