Borknagar - URD

Borknagar URD cover
Century Media
I still remember the first steps of this band... as I had the chance to see them at their beginning. “The Olden Domain” (1997) is a great atmospheric viking, black metal album which is among the best releases of its music kind. Since those days the band evolved with each new step and that is something I did like… for they didn’t wanna stay on safe waters.
Having left the black metal days behind them but without forgetting their roots… they matured and bettered thus, their music is embellished with rock, progressive, atmospheric, viking, melodic, extreme, black and heavy metal elements. Their songwriting is very good and those gloomy & imposing music passages are better than ever in this album. Certainly, the return of ICS Vortex on bass, and the clean vocals & choirs played a major role… for Borknagar so as to deliver a very strong album. Awkwardly, the drummer, David Kinkade, left them after the recordings ‘cuz he wanted to focus on Soulfly. Shortly after, he was replaced by the talented youngster drummer Baard Kolstad. All the performances are wonderful and the production is excellent at all parts. That’s no surprise as the CD was recorded with Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios (Paradise Lost, Katatonia, Soilwork, Opeth, Bloodbath etc.) in Örebro, Sweden. The artwork was designed by Brazilian artist Marcelo Vasco (Soulfly, Keep of Kalessin, Lord Belial, Savage Messiah, Belphegor among others)… it’s very numinous… like an “odd symbol” in a Mayas temple.
Borknagar have changed for the better… they are great musicians that like to go forward with each new release and “URD” is among the band’s strongest works! This release is not only addressing the black/extreme metal fans but all the metal fans who fancy heavy, melodic, viking, prog & atmospheric music…