Bonfire - Temple of Lies

Bonfire Temple of Lies cover
Temple of Lies
AFM Records
Sometimes a change can work on someone’s own good or vice versa. It’s like a double edge sword. In the Bonfire case it has benefited the band more than any of their loyal fans would have expected. You see there’s not only the line-up change that happened the last few years but also the label change which took place after the release of their previous album “ Byte the Bullet” in 2017.
It’s to wonder how musicians like (veteran) Hans Ziller find the inspiration and the will to write music after all these years and be in such a good shape as well… but let’s all be thankful for they haven’t lost their will to go on.
“Temple of Lies” blends hard rock and heavy metal perfectly. The melodic side of hard rock music has been embellished wonderfully with the heaviness of metal music, so the album’s music will satisfy all those who fancy catchy melodies and powerful tempos. The band’s sound is heavier than before but without losing its melodic edge at all.
Bonfire are more known for their hard rock music since their 80s days, but this new version of the band, with only one founding member, Hans, on its ranks, shows that they are willing to go further without necessarily having to stick to their glorious past. Hans has been surrounded by a bunch of talented musicians that have the motivation to go on and add their own music stamp to Bonfire’s legacy. This album could have been released under a different band name, but nothing would have changed, since the music is still there and that’s all that matters.
You’ll be pleasantly surprised by listening to tracks like “Temple of Lies”, “On the Wings of an Angel”, “Feed the Fire (Like the Bonfire)”, “Stand or Fall”, “I'll Never Be Loved by You”, “Fly Away”, “Love the Way You Hate Me” and “Crazy Over You”, and you will find more than one reasons to revel in Bonfire’s music again. Even the moving ballad “Comin’ Home” will send chills down your spine! Another positive thing is that Bonfire seems ready and determined to go on even further and reclaim their “old” fame in the hard & heavy community… so be it! Bonfire are back with one of their top releases after their golden 80s era!