Bonafide - Flames

Bonafide Flames cover
Off Yer Rocka Recordings
Bonafide has been going on for 10+ years and they have been true to their rock & roll roots all these years. “Flames” is the sixth studio album of the band and they continue to “pay tribute” to their beloved AC/DC.
It’s obvious that they fancy the Bon Scott AC/DC era (who doesn’t after all?!) a lot and they express it in their own way. Surely, Bonafide are heavily influenced by AC/DC but they are not “clones”, like some other bands that have been getting lots of recognition over the last years. Pontus has a great raspy voice that fits this kind of music like a glove and he’s the driving force and the band’s leader. The production is powerful and rockin’ all the way. This is how a hard rock & roll band must sound like.
“Back in the Flames”, “Bottle of Jack” & “Under Your Spell” (a wonderful long laid back track) are the best tracks on the album, but the band’s rockin’ energy doesn’t stop at all. “Flames” is a decent & frank hard rock & roll album that will gratify the old rockers and those who can’t get enough of AC/CD in general…