Bombay Black - Bullets And Booze

Bombay Black Bullets And Booze cover
Bombay Black
Bullets And Booze
Triage Music Firm
Having been formed since 2003, they have played several gigs around the country and delivered 5 studio albums so far; these US hard rockers know how to pay respects and honor the roots of melodic hard rock music. They have built a strong fan base throughout the years and honestly, they can actually play and produce good & enjoyable hard rockin’ music with some modern, 80s hard rock, sleaze & melodic rock passages.
“Bullets and Booze” is solid as a rock album… with a very powerful and punchy production. Hard rockin’ guitars, steady rhythm section, beautiful vocals, nice hooks and a good 80s attitude covered up in 90s and 00s attitude. Here you will find lots of songs… 15 to be exact… which are kinda too many for a hard rock album in my opinion… but thankfully, the music level is not losing at any point. “Let Me Be” is the absolute tune of the album… at least for me.
As soon as you listen to the first song of this album… you will understand that there ain’t any second thoughts here… whether you like this kind of music so you’ll enjoy this album or this is not your style so you have to go on. Bombay Black is a rock-solid band that knows how to deliver fine hard rockin’ music… thus I can’t see anything bad on that… on the contrary…