Blue Tears - The Innocent Ones

Blue Tears
The Innocent Ones
AOR Heaven
I have always wanted to listen to some new songs from this band. Most of you know that I totally loved the band’s debut album… a look at the Hall of Fame section will refresh your memory. So, I was very happy when Gregg decided to re-master the old tapes he had and offer us the band’s old songs with a new, strongest sound. That was a very smart move from his side. Then he announced that Blue Tears will release a new album. Do not forget that Gregg had also released new material with Attraction 65 in 2003. Attraction 65 might have been too modern for the die-hard fans of Blue Tears (personally I dig that album) so a new album under the name of Blue Tears was a very good chance for Gregg to be in music industry again. Well, those who were waiting that Gregg would release a new album that would have been close to the debut, better think again if something like that is possible.
“The Innocent Ones” is, generally, a very good album that sometimes tries to be Blue Tears (with the 80s feeling-sound) and some others it’s like Attraction 65. Do not also forget that Gregg played all the instruments here (except from the bass which was played by Bryan Wolski), did the vocals, the programming and the production of the album. So it’s hard to say this is a Blue Tears album… I would rather call it a Gregg solo album. I do not believe that the die-hard Blue Tears fans will be excited by listening to the album neither the Attraction 65 devotees will like it that much. It’s not that the album lacks good songs…it has many good songs indeed but the big problem here is the poor production and the bad unprofessional drum sound.
Personally, I do not like the guitar sound that much as well. Songs like: “Drive”, “Let It Rain”, “Run For Your Life”, “Save Your Life”, “All the Way Home”, “She Wants to Be a Star”, “Gloryland”, “Silent Scream” and “Unrequited Love” would have been highlights if they had a better and heavier production… but even in this way they are some very good songs. The early 90s sound of the band does not exist anymore neither the 80s Def Leppard/Bon Jovi influences… they have been replaced by more modern influences from the aforementioned bands and some more Bruce Springsteen elements than in the past. If you like the last works of those bands/artists then you will like this album much more than I did. Gregg hasn’t lost his ability to write good catchy songs but he definitely needs the “help” of some other players in order to reach better goals. Till the next Blue Tears album (which I hope to be more 80s oriented) we will have a good time listening to the aforementioned songs.