Bloody Hammers - Spiritual Relics

Bloody Hammers
Spiritual Relics
SoulSeller Records/Sacrificial Records
This is one of those cases that instead of living up to my expectations regarding their debut album, it came to disappoint me in every way. The band has shown a quite good face on its debut album but in reverse it didn’t work on its weaknesses but rather gave in on them.
The heavy rock, doom, occult & atmospheric rock is still there but they have now reduced the psychedelic elements to minimum. The simplistic songwriting and the bland melodies they have come up with truly leave a bad taste in one’s mouth. Possibly, there was a rush on their side to release a new album since almost a year passed from their self-titled debut. That album had a stand-out song (“Fear No Evil”) and various OK ones. The new one has no stand-out track(s) and only a bunch of OK tunes. The production is similar to the debut, a bit “fuzzy & retro”.
I honestly do not have much to say about this work as I have been totally dissatisfied. Nope, with such releases they cannot go anywhere… if they do not get their shit together soon, they will probably be another band which will go by unnoticed… and not due to bad luck…