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Bloody Hammers
Bloody Hammers
Soulseller Records
I was quite ecstatic when I saw the video for “Fear No Evil” some time ago. The song had a great vide and along with those naked girls and the psychedelic 70s special effects made me anxious to hear the whole album. In addition, the full cover artwork with the goat’s head and the naked body of the girl reminded me of the occultism of the late 70s/early 80s and bands like Witchfinder General & Witchfynde.
Blending 70s heavy rock, doom, hard rock, occult, atmospheric and psychedelic elements, Bloody Hammers know exactly what they wanna achieve. It’s like a mix of Black Sabbath, with Alice Cooper, Pentagram, Danzing, Roky Erickson and others. All the songs are based on the single riff/melody formula but sometimes that modest recipe works fairly well. Take the song “Fear No Evil” for example. It has strong melodies, heavy riffs & a very good vibe. Unfortunately, the same recipe does not work for all the songs here. At times, some songs fall into repetition and become sorta monotonous. The melodies are not so solid and the whole result leaves a bitter taste in the end. The production is “fuzzy”, atmospheric and a bit “old-fashioned as well. It works well with music like that though.
If only there were more songs like the magnificent “Fear No Evil”. Then this album would have been superb. On the contrary, it’s not bad, even though I think that these guys can do much better eventually. I kinda hope they prove me right as soon as their sophomore release will be out. More or less, “Fear No Evil” is a classy tune that will mark the band’s route one way or another…