Bloody Hammers - Under Satan’s Sun

Bloody Hammers Under Satan’s Sun cover
Bloody Hammers
Under Satan’s Sun
Napalm Records
I remember this band’s debut a couple of years ago… It did feature some nice tunes and it showed that this band has some potential. I was wondering if they could present anything better – as every band ought to – on their sophomore release but I was terribly dissatisfied with what I heard back then.
Now the band is back with its third, and more crucial work – as I’d like to say, and under a new (bigger) label this time. The last thing made me wonder how the A&R department of the ‘major’ labels works these days… hehe it’s really comical!
Anyhow, “Under Satan’s Sun” is like listening to the band’s previous work without any kind of inspiration. Indifferent tracks, generic melodies, similar clear production with the previous works & finally the same music ideas which end up becoming really tiresome and predictable after a couple of tracks. That childish “satanic” & “occult” 70s rock atmosphere is truly an “old joke” only for the young guys who still find the whole idea quite absorbing. The most important thing that is worthy of attention here is how this band keeps it up without having anything to say at all. Good for them but not good for me… do not waste 45 minutes of your precious time on this album…