Bloodgood - Dangerously Close

Bloodgood Dangerously Close cover
Dangerously Close
Doolittle Group AB
It’s not a secret that I find White Metal just as ridiculous as Black Metal. I mean fair, enough, anyone likes a little theatrics and a bit of 666, and mayhem, but I really don’t think that 99% of all those guys really believe jackshit, of that stuff. They either do it, just because they think it’s funny, or in a sort of “faustian” but non literal way, but they’re just taking the piss basically. OK, then there’s the 1% that burns the churches stabs people etc. et.c, but there’s always gonna be 1% of pervs anywhere in all walks of life, why not in metal too... at any rate…. the thing with white metal that I find beyond annoying is their preaching. Trying to overlook that, most of them White Metal bands tended to be really competent Classic Metal or Hairy or Thrash Metal bands that were pretty damn good.
The band in question here, Bloodgood, were a pretty big deal back in the day, along with other bands like Stryper, White Cross, Barren Cross, Bride and Petra releasing some 6 studio albums, the second of which sold platinum (!) and no less that 7 live ones! Not bad! Not bad at all... then they sort of quietly disappeared from the face of the planet, or the conscience of us, Satan loving metalheads, that only occasionally care to spin a White metal album, based on how good the music might be, to cleanse our souls and ears too... only to be inducted in 2010 in the Christian Music Hall of Fame(?!) Jeees(us) I never knew, there was such a thing, as if the original Hall of Fame, wasn’t bad enough… Now some 22 year since their latest studio outing comes their follow up, their seventh, their heavenly, the chosen one… (ooops that’s Iron Maiden!)
The band is actually holding together pretty decently although after some 22 years the passage of time, has left some marks especially on the vocals that are somewhat rougher, but still recognizable.
“Lamb of God” is a dramatic opener, that revolves around mid-tempos, with a very nice solo, but during the chorus the vocal are very borderline on going out of tune, which makes it a little questionable, as it’s a note that it’s probably beyond the reach of Les Carlsen.
“Run Away” is faster and more rhythmical, but less interesting, apart from the riff and its nice short solo, as it’s chorus is just a repetitive “Run-away” oh with the addition of (and hide) at some point!
“Child on Earth” is the first really, good, cool song, pretty epic and grandiose, again all Jesus Christ this and that, but as it’s slower, based on a biting riff and some really cool eastern flavored melodies with the expected lamenting choruses, with “Amens” aplenty and some cool solos, none can deny, that it’s pretty good!
“I Will” (sing for your glory) what did you think!? At some point just blatantly takes the bass-line from Ozzy’s “No More Tears” and follows it with some sitar sounding stuff and a nice solo! In general it’s a pretty nice song, with nice melody lines both in the vocals as well as in the guitars, if not a little monotonous.
“Bread Alone” is positively hard hitting and pushes the pedal to the metal so to speak. Bloodgood, mean business, as they almost go as speed metal as a White Metal band would go (probably that is within speed limit then!). It’s all about how Jesus’ word is the spiritual “bread” and that they can’t live on bread alone. Oh dear! OK. It’s not bad, just because it’s faster and as always the solo is quite inspired. The chorus however, could have been a little better.
“Pray” is mostly a monolithic, commanding tune, prompting the believer to well... “Pray”... it’s based on a simple but very effective riff, that gets exchanged with a short lead. There’s a sort very melodic interlude that’s very nice, but another “out of tune-y” “PRAAAAAAY” sort of mars things quite badly towards the end. I know it’s done for dramatic effect, but it’s drama personified, trying to hit notes you can no longer hit.
“I Can Hold On” is a slower tune that is heavier too, probably due to the tuning, but it sort of seems to be running a bit out of steam somewhat. As the whole album is not very fast it’s not necessarily a good or a bad idea, on the tracklist it just seemed like a bit of a dud.
“Run the Race” is another voice that seems to be a bit of filler, it has some interesting ideas and some OK melodies and a cool solo, but I wouldn’t have noticed if the track was omitted. The chorus is pretty abysmal too.
“Father Father” is a semi-ballad, with some gospel like elements, where the falsettos that Les Carlsen does, just feel like fingernails against a blackboard, but is otherwise pretty good.
“Man in the Middle” is way more up-tempo with lots more of percussion…
Crush Me” is a very tender ballad, that almost has the quality of a “Gethsemane” and Les Carlsen manages to stay beautifully into tune, even after he attempts a venture in the upper echelons of his “range”, at least the mission is accomplished without any audible issues! Really beautiful song, along with “Child on Earth” possibly the absolute highlights.
“In the Trenches” could have been better if not for the “vocoded megafone” portions that really sound bad. It’s definitely a concert sing-a-long tune, but I have my objections because of that fact. Nice leads too.
Last but not least “The Word” is a rather up-tempo song, about healing and brotherly love that’s done without pauses, so it’s a little funny as it’s pace is quite relentless, you’d expect to hear some pauses like between the verses, but no...! It’s quite nice, vocals, riff, leads, all really, a nice way to end the album on a high not, that even if it runs on the danger of going of tune, sort of manages to stay... haha!
Overall a pretty fair offering to J.C. He should be well pleased. I sort of enjoyed “Child on Earth” and “Crush Me” immensely and didn’t mind the rest, I mean the band is obviously good and can pen really good tunes, but I am an atheist, so the whole JC, theme, sort of doesn’t get me, or may even work a little as a something that doesn’t allow me to enjoy the songs, unless I switch off my brains and focus only on the music, completely disregarding the lyrical content.
Well give the album a listen and do what thou wilt – oops that’s a bit Crowley-ish, isn’t it cheeky! Well let me rephrase that, do what God, in his infinite mercy and wisdom would have you do, be it wrong or right. Yours is the choice, his are the scales of judgment…