Block Buster - Losing Gravity

Block Buster Losing Gravity cover
Block Buster
Losing Gravity
Frontiers Music srl
I didn’t know exactly how to feel about Block Buster. They’re a youthful bunch from Finland that debuts on Frontiers Records and attempts to tempt ya in believing they’re the new shit hot band. One think that got me thinking is that obviously these guys being the youth of today are sounding a lot more this side of the millennium, at best 90s onward, but they’re sufficiently musically adept and versatile to incorporate select elements from the American bands of the 80s, as well as a few hints of previous decades but for the most part; they came across like an alternative version of the 90s rock in a way that could have been more compatible to the people appreciative of 80s rock and metal.
More or less, they sound like your average melodic band, but use every production trick to sound very contemporary polished and in the now. That might be a deal breaker for some people, but if someone’s willing to look past that, the material on offer is not too bad. The vocals are a bit rougher and shoutier than what usually feels comfortable to me, but not to the point that it’s a turn off. “Out in the City”, “Back from the City” “Sweet Mary Jane” and a few other tunes have enough substance to dig in, but at the moment I am ambivalent overall on whether these guys rock me, or not.