Blitzkrieg - A Time of Changes - 30th Anniversary

Blitzkrieg A Time of Changes - 30th Anniversary cover
A Time of Changes - 30th Anniversary
Metal Nation Records
Blitzkrieg’s debut is a bonafide classic NWOBHM album that took a while to be released since from its original planned release in 1981, along with the single “Buried Alive”, the band temporarily split up only to resume in 1984 and subsequently release the debut a year later. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the album and for whatever reason the band decided to re-record and release it with its current lineup. All in all, the original was plagued by a somewhat weak production that this re-recording seems to largely rectify. The “new band” pretty much stays quite faithful to the original and for all the years passed, Brian Ross seems to have become actually a bit better, as someone might attest from his recent performances with Satan and obviously Blitzkrieg.
“Ragnarok” is the mysterious intro that opened the original and here’s its updated version, sounds more “spooky” thanks to the advancements in keyboard sampling.
“Inferno” is as good as one might remember it with only superficial “differences” to the original. Ross attacks a couple of phrases a little differently and obviously a different lineup has its own little “differences” for instance, guitar wise, but they’re not something that you’ll notice straight away or feel badly about.
The emblematic, band’s namesake of a song, here is presented in its 202002020th version, haha, did we survive this “Blitzkrieg”? No!!
“Pull the Trigger” actually is a Satan original that the band didn’t use on its debut and as a result, Ross nabbed and used in his… it’s a little different than the other songs on the album, but still very enjoyable and has become a part of the album, since it’s original release, so much so, that I could not consider the album without it.
“Armageddon” is more epic and melodic at the same time and marks a return to the band’s normal sound. I must say that the way it’s presented here, while it doesn’t quite manage to top the brilliant original, at the very least, it manages to not be trailing far behind. Pretty much on of the better songs on the album…
“Take a Look Around” continues with the more melodic and even slightly prog style that “Armageddon” introduces, showing the band’s social consciousness…
“Hell to Pay” doesn’t change the overall sound too much, but is faster and harder hitting. The better production helps it quite a bit to sound better than its original counterpart… which did sound rather chaotic…
“Vikings” obviously has a Nordic theme and it’s quite likable, as pretty much almost everything on the album.
The title track “Time of Changes” is a long winded and the most intricate and prog number… with its biblical verses and might take a bit to getting used to, but is quite gratifying.
“Saviour”, the original album closer, also continues in the style of the title track but also embellishes things with a more dynamic riff, more akin to the eponymous song.
There are also 2 bonuses “Too Wild to Tame” ,a song that Avenger released as a single while Ross was with them and a very funky acoustic version of “Jealous Love” from “Unholy Trinity”, that’s pretty enjoyable, all in all…
I dunno if re-recording your debut is a bit redundant or not, in some cases bands have done so, to regain the rights to their own music getting out of “complex” contracts, but on the other hand it’s a little weird. At least this “effort” isn’t bad at all; no matter what the issues behind it and it serves as a good reminder of how awesome a band Blitzkrieg were and still are. Metal on!