Blaze Bayley - The King of Metal

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Blaze Bayley
The King of Metal
Blaze Bayley Recording
Shortly after the Wolfsbane new album… Blaze is back with a new solo release. This time the line-up consists of: the drummer Claudio Tirincanti, the bassist Lehmann (Matteo Grazzini), the guitarist Andrea Neri and the songwriter/guitarist Thomas Zwijsen, with whom Blaze has co-written most of the music on “The King of Metal”.
Blaze has faced some personal issues in his life lately… and went through some very bad situations… he found music the best way to clear his head off all those things which occurred in his life. That’s all very respectable… but regrettably his personal problems are being reflected to his music as well. The album is full of metal clichés and contains many mediocre songs. Although the performances are OK… there’s pretty much nothing else here. The album was recorded between Italy and Holland, mixed by Tony Newton at Steve Harris’ home studio, Rick Plester in the USA and Raoul Soentken in Holland but the production is sort of weak. Let’s hope his next solo album would be much better than this one. Something wrong might have been going wrong with all the ex-Maiden singers…