Blaze - Tenth Dimension

Blaze Tenth Dimension cover
Tenth Dimension
I’ve been anticipating Blaze Bailey’s (x-Iron Maiden) band’s second album after having seeing the band live and listened to 2-3 songs from the then unrealized album. And I have to say that it worth the wait! To be honest I didn’t expect that they would release anything better than their first album “Silicon Messiah” (which was great), but I was wrong! “Tenth Dimension” is much much better than its ancestor.
Fresh, released by Maiden’s ghost, Blaze and his band produce pure heavy metal, performed in the best possible way. Heavy guitars filling the songs with solos and melodic interventions (really good work on the guitars), strong rhythm section, and Bailey in perfect shape! This album is better than whatever Maiden released with Blaze in their line-up (God save me after what I’ve written!).
Of course it reminds of them, especially in the way vocals are performed, but it is original in its way as well. The really good thing of the album is that it presents a variety between its songs. So, one can listen to it from the beginning until the end without being tired at all (I think that the only weak point of the album is the song “Land of the Blind” – not bad but bellow the standards of the rest of the songs).
Do you buy many albums these days that you can hear them all at once without skipping a couple of songs? If yes, please tell us via e-mail, which are they, so that we can buy them as well. If not and you are really into pure heavy metal, just buy this album... you won’t regret it.