Blaze Bayley - The Redemption of William Black (Infinite Entanglement Part III)

Blaze Bayley The Redemption of William Black cover
Blaze Bayley
The Redemption of William Black (Infinite Entanglement Part III)
Blaze Bayley Recordings
These facsimile sci-fi epics parts of the grand saga, that the former Iron Maiden frontman has conceived, seem to be arriving every year, almost at an alarming rate with concern to their quality. It’s a given that the production quality cannot these days hold a candle to the Maiden or even the first couple of solos, and the covers are increasingly dodgier with every release, reminiscent of secondary school kid drawings.
“Redeemer” starts with a spot on description of society and a decision to end it. The song is actually one of the better Blaze has come up with in recent years, short, sweet, melodic and to the point.
“The Dark Side of Black” keeps things moving at a quick pace, not leaving time for the listener to question what’s going on with a bit of a dejavu in the chorus.
“Eagle Spirit” clocks at almost nine minute of which lots are spent in dialogue, with a song somewhere in there, that’s not too bad, but probably quite challenging to BB, who barely manages to get it belted.
“Are You Here” is a more staccato piece, a more in your face but also a bit more fun piece, that is not bad.
“Immortal One” has some more spoken parts, but it’s short and sweet again, with a decent chorus with the even more epic and anthemic “The First True Sign” being a suiting follow up.
Blaze wasn’t born to do certain things and I guess his ability to do ballads is hampered, by the very timbre of his voice, but his baritone isn’t completely terrible or a lost cause in “Human Eyes”. “
“Prayers of Light” is a typical, energetic mid-tempo that fits well with the entire concept and does surmise the whole album rather nicely.
Even better than “Human Eyes” is the intro of “18 Days” urgent and all, but the backing of Blaze by some female vocal, during the main melodies, does more to show his limited range, than to enhance the result. Plus whoever she is – when she does some dueting leads, she seems quite inadequate, with a colorless, tuneless timbre which is a tall order here.
“Already Won” has a nice chorus melody and some nice lead work” – within the confines of the effort.
Finally there’s “Life Goes On”, a song with very Maidenesque twin leads and Blaze trying to be the best version of himself. He did get a lot of flak for not being a Dickinson clone in Maiden and the truth is – he’s not – but no one can take away from him that he does offer passionate performances to the measure of his ability.
Overall, somewhat better than the previous year’s effort, but still not on par with any of his early previous attempts. Still probably the best part of the “trilogy” of concept albums Blaze did and a must for his fanatics. Otherwise, check and then proceed according to your own perception of this jolly good fella.