Blacktop Mojo - Under the Sun

Blacktop Mojo Under the Sun cover
Blacktop Mojo
Under the Sun
Sandhill Records / Cuhmon Records
Blacktop Mojo reopened the door of a somewhat dying breed of rock ‘n’ roll a few years ago. Thankfully, the world recognized this revival with the release of their new album, “Under the Sun”. Their past albums brought them to the forefront of southern rock, now they have returned with a screaming vengeance. I only see great things for these southern boys.
Opening up the album with “Lay It On Me”, really sets the tone for the rest of the album, Setting the pace, Nathan rumbles the drums through the first measures like thunder in the distance, and adding Matt’s layer of bass playing, really pulls the listener close, only to slam them back in their seat when the guitars chime in. Matt James, the frontman of BTM, pipes in some amazing vocals on this song. It only gets better from here.
“Set It Free” starts off dirty as heck, with the slithering guitars and vocals. And it gets dirtier from here. The musicians in this band are smooth as ice on this cut.
It keeps on going with the Guns and Roses inspired “Come Get Your Coat”. There’s no skipping songs on this album, for sure. Just try to keep it down... or not!
“Keep” is a darker lyric, a soul filled riff. The buildup in this song from verse to chorus is a page outta the pure, driven classic rock that we all need to hear.
“It Won’t Last” has a whiskey straight up flavor to it. If you close your eyes, you can imagine a blues bar, smoky filled, with the emotion of music revived from something lost long ago.
Getting back the rock groove “All Mine Now”, drives you into the ground with the crunchy riffs and anthem-like changes between verse and chorus.
Now, “Can’t Sleep” definitely gives the audio illusion of being sleep deprived and worrying over so many things. The subtle drops of guitar and bass in the verses have a mesmerizing effect throughout this cut.
“The Lashing” opens with an eerie riff with a slippery fill in to the vocals, just allowing for the slow buildup to the chorus. You expect it to go over the edge and pick up the pace at any given moment, as it keeps you there, just to fall back again. Well played writing to keep you listening.
The acoustic song on the album, “The Void”, blends the band’s versatility, powerhouse guitar drive, percussion that a master of his craft, bass driving it home and Matt James’ soulful vocals.
Nothing more can be said about “Under the Sun”, other than “it’s f@cking Rock n Roll”! It lends itself to so many hooks and twists and turns musically, that a listener can’t help but to enjoy, and feel this song physically. If you don’t… check your pulse!
This band of brothers has not only captured the audience from these songs, but a rapidly growing fan base titled “Mojo Nation” on Facebook and at every live show. There’s no stopping this train. “Under the Sun” shows a more experienced and focused sound that has found its voice. An amazing deep roots mix of blues, classic rock and just in your face talent, enough said; Blacktop Mojo is something to experience! One of the best albums of 2019!!!