Blackfield - V

Blackfield V cover
It’s been already 4 years since the release of “IV” and it is the album that Wilson had the less involvement with and that kinda disappointed the fans of the music project. For those how are not aware, I should say that Blackfield is a collaborative project between singer, songwriter & multi-instrumentalist Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree) and the Israeli songwriter & singer Aviv Geffen. The rest is history as the band’s homonymous debut can be described as a “classic” and has caused quite a fuzz upon its release.
Nevertheless, Blackfield are back with their fifth, as the album title proclaims, studio album and this time it does feature the “Wilson music stamp” all over it. The album features Tomer Z (Blackfield) on drums, Eran Mitelman on keys and the London Session Orchestra on string arrangements. The sound is excellent, lush & crystal clear. Moreover, the legendary producer, sound engineer & musician Alan Parsons did the production on three keys tracks. I would like to know which those tracks are, cuz it’s very important to have such a renowned music man participating in the album. Nevertheless, I strongly believe that the magnificent “Undercover Heart” is one of them, cuz it feels like and “is” so Parsons on the whole. The same goes for “From 44 to 48” that is also one of the top tracks on the album, along with “How Was Your Ride?”.
The album follows a loose concept theme around the ocean and the cycle of life. There are tracks that will remind you of Porcupine Tree (how about that huh?!) and the first Blackfiled albums as well as Alan Parsons (yeah, those 3 tracks he produced). The good thing with this album is that it does not seem to have been done in a hurry just for the sake of it. It’s obvious that both Aviv and Steven have spent hours working on the tracks and on the arrangements, which are wonderful at large. There are some very fine melodies all over the album and in truth to be told, this album features a few “classic tracks” that will be cherished by the fans and the media largely. I do think that it would be very intriguing to listen to more tracks (and even a full album) made by Steven, Aviv & Parsons. In conclusion, “V” is a very good album that will restore the fans’ faith in the band and will gain them some new devotees as well…