Black Rose - Turn on the Night

Black Rose
Turn on the Night
DooLittle Group
When I saw the name “Black Rose” my mind instantly thought of Thin Lizzy’s album. Obviously, this Swedish band has “baptized” themselves that album. Not bad at all. In fact, Black Rose are not new kids on the block, they have been around since 1990 and that’s a long time.
The weird thing is that an album with the title “Rise Again” and the exact tracklist has been self-released (?) by the band in 2011. Anyhow, this is the same album but under a label this time. Musically, the guys are into the 80s hard & heavy era; throw in some Rainbow, Dio, Judas Priest, Malmsteen, Saxon, Pretty Maids, Maiden etc. features and a few NWOBHM as well and then you’ve probably got a clue. The production is a bit “old-fashioned”, not too digital or loud as today’s production and that ain’t necessarily bad. Minus the lame cover artwork as well.
There’s an “obsolescent 80s ghost” all over this release. The sound, the vocals, the song structures... everything. It’s way too British and old-school. I sorta had a nice time while listening to it. I’m so into this kind of music and this album evoked several good memories that’s why. On the other hand, it ain’t anything new neither something we haven’t heard before. It’s decent and nostalgic at times but nothing more…