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Black State Highway
Black State Highway
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Black State Highway is a female-fronted newcomer from the UK. That may not impress you that much but I guess their Latvian blonde singer Liva will do that instead!
Anyhow, BSH are influenced by the 70s, 80s and 90s rock music. Their album features equal parts of hard rock, classic rock, rock & roll, blues-rock and pop-rock music. Liva, apart from being a pretty blonde lady, she also has a strong voice. Her “punkish, nasty & dirty” attitude may remind you of the wonderful Joan Jett or even a bit of Cherie Currie (The Runaways).
BSH’s music is based on the guitar riffs, the solid rhythm section and Liva’s powerful vocals. The song structures are very simple and plain but this kind of tracks are made to be played on stage in reality. Even though the tracks are OK in their majority, the album does miss a couple of “hits”, which will grab your attention right from the start. The production has a very fine live feeling and it’s very good overall.
This may only be the band’s debut release but in a time period when literally everyone is releasing albums and the market is so overloaded with music, any band (and especially the newcomers) has to try harder and a bit more if they wanna make it and not be forgotten any time soon…