Black Star Riders - Heavy Fire

Black Star Riders Heavy Fire cover
Black Star Riders
Heavy Fire
Nuclear Blast Records
Third album for the Black Star Riders and I guess the decision to not go out under Thin Lizzy, proves to be a correct one. While they’re deeply inspired by the Irish giants and even featuring Scott Gorham on guitars. Managing to maintain their lineup steady, the band has developed a chemistry that’s not to dissimilar to that of Lizzy, but without being a complete clone… more like a distant cousin that you’d easily recognize as a distant relative, because of the overbearing similarities…
The title track, “Heavy Fire”, “Dancing with the Wrong Girl”, “Testify or Say GoodBye”, “Thinking About You Could Get Me Killed” and several other songs, got the right attitude and the right sort of swagger in what feels like the most personal “BSR” album to date and a good enough approximation of a what if scenario… the bastard progeny of Lizzy says hello, so get a bottle of bucky and go down and shake your body to the music. You gotta...