Black Space Riders - Refugeeum

Black Space Riders Refugeeum cover
Black Space Riders
Black Space Records / Cargo Records
I guess there’s not only negativity that you can get during dark times but also a different point of view so as to reconsider and change some things in you, in your inner self in general. That can and will affect one’s music as well… cuz sometimes music reflects the atmosphere and the feelings of a specific time/era. Black Space Riders have also reconsidered various things and they came up with their more interesting & varied release so far.
“Refugeeum” is more “earthy” than the band’s previous works. It is majorly influenced by the things happen on the planet today. Recession, sadness, darkness, poverty, sorrow, (false) hope, survival, lies, disappointment, extreme prosperity, negativity & the new ways of politics are some of the issues that will come to mind while listening to “Refugeeum”. Just like the album title suggests, we’re all “refugees” in our own place and we won’t ever get out of this vicious circle until we find a way to be united.
Black Space Riders have added several trip-hop, dub, new wave & atmospheric elements to their psychedelic alternative rock too. Their music variety and their deep intense moods have made their sound way more stimulating than in the past. For sure, the space is a very exciting place to explore but the earth has its inner beauty too. “Refugeeum” is a “strange” album that needs repeated & focused listens. It wasn’t meant to bring you down… on the contrary, it’s supposed to give you an absconding way by finding a light at the end of the tunnel, even if it’s too gloomy to see it at first…