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Black Blood
Black Blood
Inverse Records
Black Blood is a Finnish quarter that owes their name to some GWAR lyric. They play this groovy, dodgy heavy metal with noisy, fuzzy guitar riffs that’s not a million miles away from the general GWAR ethos just with more “heavy” vocals. It’s not a million miles away from Entombed either, but nowhere near as good… they’re pretty straightforward and simplistic and if you like that sort of thing, you’ll like them straight away.
I tend to think that their “faster” tunes, tend to work better, since when they drop down the speed, their weaknesses show… songs like “Clarity” (a bit of a hit and the album’s opener) “Doomriders” and “Speed Thrills & Roadkills” would be the better of the bunch, while some more variable tunes like “Stray Bullets” and “Dopesmashed Jazz” aren’ too horrid either…
A noisy, fuzzy, hazey, fuck-it-all‘n’roll debut by a band that probably means well, but only delivers what some stoned out reeferheads would probably appreciate, unless they smoke the CD too…