Biters - The Future Ain’t What It Used to Be

Biters The Future Ain’t What It Used to Be
The Future Ain’t What It Used to Be
Earache Records
Biters is a rock band that has been going on for quite a while (with numerous EPs since 2010), but only debuted a proper full-length a couple of years ago on Earache. They have a decent style inspired from earlier bands (ie The Cheap Tricks, NY Dolls and Alice Coopers of this world), but brought up to today. The process of making their stuff contemporary strips away a bit of the rawness in exchange of a crossover appeal.
In a world where “the pretty clueless” ooops, I mean reckless have a career, these guys could even be the messiahs that would save rock n roll… if only… they’re fairly good and despite them being Americans (Atlanta, Georgia), there’s often something pretty British about them; their influences and sound is a mix of influences from both sides of the Atlantic. Obviously, they’ve been given “godly” status by some British press, enthusiasm, which is not completely unfounded, but probably a bit “too much”.
“Let It Roll” is a nice and energetic opener with a thumbing chorus. “Going Back to Georgia” is a folk ballad, while “Stone Cold Love” is fuzzy as hell pop that is inspired from too many sources to mention. “Calling You Home” is a bit more laid back, but has a rock n roll backbone, while the falsetto vocals in the verses give it a more airy spin; it has a nice if not too simple solo too. “Don’t Turn This Good Heart Bad” is pop bubblegum – a bit Offspring meets Sum41, but one of the verses sounds a bit like Thin Lizzy… go figure! “Gypsy Rose” has these pronounced over-compressed drums and still there’s a rather strong Thin Lizzy flavor to it, but it does sound contemporary. “No Stranger to Heartache” is pretty direct, but works... while not changing the direction of the past couple of songs, which seems to suit the band well. “Vulture City” is a bit more pinched and sounds a bit like “Electric” era The Cult, which ain’t half as bad. “Hollywood” is a sorrow-filled ballad... jaded as it could be, about trying to make it in the mecca of show business. Lastly, “Chasin’ the Feeling” has an air and style reminiscent of the Hair/Glam bands of yesteryear – a riff that drenches rock n roll and a style that really fits the band best I think.
Biters, well they do have “teeth”… take a bit then… it doesn’t taste too bad.