Bitch Queens - City of Class

Bitch Queens City of Class cover
Bitch Queens
City of Class
Lux Noise Records
Bitch Queens are a deranged bunch of Swiss fellows that plays a fuzzy, balls out, nihilist sort of punk with tracer of rock… this is not the happy melodic accessible stuff that Green Day is all about, there are not ballads and “mature” songs; it’s all fuck this and fuck that, which is pretty ironic, with them coming from the richest country in the European continent.
With no song longer than three minutes, references to “Napoleon Dynamite” and ridiculing the whole Superman complex, by paraphrasing a well-known phrase into “look ye, look up there, is it a bird, or is it a plane, or is it just a boy tripping his balls off on cocaine?” on “Superboy”.
I guess your enjoyment of the band and the album is up to you, and base on whether you’re on board with this not particularly “artistic” rockin punk approach or not. They make all the wannabe glam punks sound like twats, but on the other hand, you might think that it’s the other way around.
“When Did I Die” is probably one of the better songs, as it is almost melodic and if it were a little less on the edge, it could have worked for your average, Hardcore Superstar or Backyard Babies, it has that glam rock swagger about it. Also the repetitive by kinda cool “Never Say Never” is worth a mention. There… fone.
Well, a band that includes an ode to their guitarist, “Especially Danny” in an album, is certainly certifiably [email protected] in the head and you dear listener are left to decide if you like the results of a lobotomy.