Big Guns - Down but Not Out

Big Guns Down but Not Out cover
Big Guns
Down but Not Out
Independent Release
Judging by the band’s name, it ain’t hard to get what they fancy and what they are up to musically. Big Guns is a newcomer, from Northern Ireland, which was created by Kieran ‘Twerp’ McArdle on guitar & vocals & Tony Drumm on bass. Later, Lisa Howe on drums & Daniel ‘Baldo’ O’Toole on guitar joined them.
Staying true to the classic rock sound and having been vastly influenced by AC/DC (primary), Thin Lizzy, Judas Priest (their hard rock stuff), UFO, Saxon, Iron Maiden (yeap their song “Remember Me” is so into the Maidens) and so on, they’re here to pay their respects to rock music and nothing more. Their solid rhythm section and the rockin’ guitars are quite enjoyable. The same goes for the vocals, even though they tend to become a bit monotonous after a while. The production is punchy & rockin’ as well.
Their live shows must be pleasant and that’s the point in bands playing that kind of music. Their debut album “Down but Not Out” is OK, even though it’s like an EP in my book since it’s about 30 minutes long and contains a (so-so) cover of Neil Young’s “Keep on Rockin’ in the Free World”. The band needs to come up with some catchy hooks, cuz’ musically they are fine and they can’t go anywhere else. So what’s left? The good catchy melodies…. and there’s a shortage on that part. Can they make it? Well, it’s up to them. It ain’t easy but with hard work and persistence they can improve…