Benesser - The Start of Something New

Benesser The Start of Something New cover
The Start of Something New
Doolittle Group
Saying that Benesser are like the post-grunge/hard rock equivalent of Muse would make them sound like something less than what they actually are. “The Start of Something New” is the debut album from this Swedish alternative rock band, who started playing together 15 years ago when all the members were about 9 years old.
The music in “The Start of Something New” is pretty amazing. Sweet, mellow, rough at times and always captivating. To be more exact, the guitar riffs and solos are sometimes jaw-dropping. But, while I have nothing but praise for compositions like: “Is It You”, “Sleepless Nights” and “For the Eyes of Our Lord”, I can’t say the same about the singer’s voice.
As much as I tried I just can’t get used to that guy’s voice. It is clear that he has taken singing lessons and knows how to place his voice on each track, but I for one found his voice a bit shrilling and pretty irritating. The problem is that the vocals are always high-pitched and that gets quite tiring at times. It’s those high-pitched vocals that bring all the comparisons to Muse because otherwise, their music has not that much in common. And that is a pity, because in my opinion Benesser have totally different things to offer than Muse.
All nine songs in “The Start of Something New” are multi layered and unfold beautifully with every time you listen to them. Personally, the vocals put me off so much that I found it very hard to see past them at times. Nevertheless, I’ll be waiting eagerly for their next album because I think all that combined musical talent has a lot more to offer.