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Battering Ram
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Battering Ram is a Swedish rock band which was formed in 2017. They call themselves hard rock, but their style is heavier, sort of modern variety that borders on heavy metal. Their comparisons to Corroded, Mustasch, among others are not exactly wide off the mark, only they sound a bit more polished and not as crazy and melodic as the latter, with whom they share more similarities and definitely not as stoner – if at all, as the later can sound on occasion (mind you I’ve only had samples of Mustasch ages ago).

The band consists of Johan Hallström (vocals), Jonas Edmark (guitar), Tony Trust (drums) and Jocke Ståhl (bass). They’ve released several singles and their debut seems to be a culmination of those efforts.

“Taking My Time” is a promising enough opener, while the “Sign” and “Stronger Forever” with their more pompous vocal style and repetition, at least in the case of the latter, are not as pleasant.

“I Will Come Alone” begins with a huge, Thoroughwoodian riff, that does the job… it’s not that it’s a bad song, since it’s pretty cool, but the riff alone, is just so meaty, that it seals the deal.

“Chase the Fire” has another big riff, but funk dat. It sounds pretty catchy, until you realize that a little further on it decides to lift the riff from Kiss’s “Parasite” for its own intends and purposes… it’s still a decent utilization of the riff and an okay song, but originality just went out the window.

“Scarred for My Life” continues in a similar vein, with some suspect riff in there, but… I’d give it a pass.

“Coming My Way” has some more pounding drums and a hollower deeper more rock sound ala The Cult, but a more Metallica approach on the vocals. Unfortunately none of those two bands, charm… but it has some borrowed appeal.

“Wanted Man” also sounds big, but it just sounds more like say Volbeat would sound, with a singer who didn’t sound like someone punched him in the throat and the balls at the same time.

“Cut in Two” is far more passionate and energetic, than almost anything that preceded it – not another band entirely, but... if the previous songs were pre-coffee, this one feels 2 espressos later – a weird track to close the album, but their prerogative.

Promising enough debut, if they manage to find their own identity and don’t pilfer such obvious riffs next time… but they could have a fun run.