Bailout - ... As the Winds Blow On

Bailout ... As the Winds Blow On cover
... As the Winds Blow On
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Bailout (damn a word you’d rather dare not utter in Greece far too often) is a Finnish rock band from the town of Kotka. Like a great many things from Findland, they tend to be idiosyncratic and I’m uncertain whether that’s a sign of insanity or genius, I really am.
While they’ve been compared to grunge bands plenty, I couldn’t really think of any one they sound like and they do have leads and solos to boot and even a trumpet, which makes them even more quirky, they’re rather melodic in reality, with maybe the singer being a little more gruff and rough sounding, which could in part explain how some people have labeled them, thus but in reality I’d say they seem to follow a style that mingles pop and hard rock in healthy doses with just edgier vocals.
I must admit that while they didn’t wow me, the fact that they aren’t exactly following what’s “popular” did sound quite refreshing. It just sounds like a bizarre mix between Faith No More and The Madness, via the Leningrad Cowboys – without the Red Army Coir. And you’re either gonna love them or hate them, with me basically tipping towards liking them and songs like “Synthetic Happiness”, “A Call to Leave” and “March of the Fall” being too damn difficult to pigeon-hall. Dayumn!