Bad Touch - Shake a Leg

Bad Touch Shake a Leg cover
Bad Touch
Shake a Leg
Marshall Records
Only two years after their successful “Truth Be Told” and numerous live shows, Bad Touch are back with a new studio album titled “Shake a Leg”. Even though the band was formed in 2010, they have gained much fame with their live shows and the hit singles that they have released all these years.
“Shake a Leg” is a new high for Bad Touch, as it does blend all the band’s favorite ingredients, such as blues rock, classic rock, rock& roll, southern rock and hard rock and has a feel-good vibe on the whole. I guess you do not get to hear something so well-rounded and mature from a “young” band these days, as most still wait (only) from the “old ones” to come up with great albums. Still there are a few bands like Bad Touch that can easily combine the “retro” along with the “fresh” music elements and come up with a well-rounded release that can satisfy both the old and the new rock fans.
The album was recorded at Orange Tree Studios, engineered, produced and mixed by Andy Hodgson and mastered at Abbey Road Studios. The production is full and has a sweet warm sound in general, that’s not digitalized such as most album productions of today.
This is the right time for Bad Touch to get what’s theirs and expand their horizon and their fan-base. The start has been done with “Shake a Leg” and next is the touring that’s gonna make the band more confident and passionate than before. Bad Touch showcase that hard work always gets you to the top…