A Bad Think - Sleep

A Bad Think Sleep cover
A Bad Think
Fifth studio album for Michael Marquart’s A Bad Think and be ready to soak up its atmosphere. “Sleep” is a cinematic, theatrical and alternative rock album which deals with all the fundamental feelings upon which our lives revolve. Whether it is about love and hope or loss and sorrow this album manages to keep your attention undivided through heartwarming lyrics and melodious musical compositions.
“Don’t Leave Me Out” is the first song and the only one I enjoyed less owing to the vocal effect (some might like it, others may not – c’est la vie). The other 11tracks of the album flowed easily, smoothly, effortlessly. The performances are artful and the outcome very rewarding indeed. Recommended for the genre’s aficionados, those who appreciate mellow soundscapes and each and every one who can appreciate good music in general! For me, “Sleep” showcases Michael’s undying love for harmony and his obsession to evolve and write tuneful music.