Backyard Babies - Four By Four

Backyard Babies Four By Four cover
Backyard Babies
Four By Four
Gain/Sony Music
Backyard Babies are back on business after a 7-year hiatus, which was essential for the band members to relax and recharge their batteries in general.
The Swedish hard rock & rollers are delivering the goods on “Four By Four”. Even though they failed to avoid all the genre clichés, the album is fairly listenable. Especially “Th1rt3en or Nothing”, “White Light District” and “Bloody Tears”, which are the best tracks here, can easily be the new live favorites. The rock & roll, hard rock, glam rock and punk-rock are rather fine, even though the album only lasts around 33 minutes and the songwriting formula is more or less the same. The production is rockin’ and powerful in general.
“Four By Four” won’t drive you crazy but neither will it change your mind about Backyard Babies. It’s an OK work on the whole and the fans of the band will enjoy it come what may. After all, that’s the most important thing of all… to please your loyal fans with every new release and Backyard Babies do not disappoint on that part…