Axxis - Retrolution

Axxis Retrolution cover
Phonotraxx Publishing
Queue in album fourteen or something, for the German wimpy rockers that have flirted with metal on occasion and almost did manage to cause a mild stirrup with their early couple of releases, before fading into relative obscurity for much of the 90s and 00s, releasing albums without fail, but no great acclaim either. With only Bernhard Weiß on vocals / guitar, who was never the best one out there and has lost a bit of vocal agility with age and keyboardist Harry Öllers from the old days and a different second guitarist the band soldiers on, attempting to regress into their past, while still evolving.
Think of a bizarre mix between Edguy, Bonfire and Saxon when they went all wimpy musically; if Uli Jon Roth or a constantly yawning yet melodious Peavy Wagner was singing. It’s some pretty weak and decidedly second rate metallized hard rock with songs past “Dream Chaser” possibly the best song of the album and the third out of some thirteen, quickly becoming tiresome and repetitive. Despite their long career, I can’t really say I enjoyed this. I didn’t hate it, but past the first three songs, things go downhill too fast and I doubt I’d ever bother listening to the album again in the future.