Axenstar - Where Dreams are Forgotten

Axenstar Where Dreams are Forgotten cover
Where Dreams are Forgotten
Inner Wound Recordings
I remember many years ago… (apparently twelve have passed) receiving the debut album of Axenstar “Perpetual Twilight ” for review… I think M#t@l #$#@$#@%, was still “in print” back then, in fact!!! I remember them being a quite hapless bunch and from being on a small Spanish company I even though they must have been Spanish… you see, back in the day, encyclopedia metallum wasn’t a luxury afforded, and not everybody was sending press releases with their promos – or even if they did it’s no guarantee they reached the intended recipient.
Well Axenstar are Swedish and they have come quite a long way since their debut. I was far from impressed by their debut as far as I remember, as it was poorly produced and sounded like a poorly recorded and mixed demo with a very mediocre singer with a limited range. Their entire line-up bar the singer, (who has occasionally played other instruments too) through some six, by this one albums has changed and the band is presently a lot better than they were on their debut at least as far as their musical performances are concerned... well to be frank even Markus Winterwild their singer is vastly improved, having developed a lower part in his voice that now sounds fuller, but not amazingly impressive still, but at least not annoying since he’s developed some grit.
If you like Dragonland, Sonata Arctica, and Black Majesty only somewhat worse (not that for instance the vocals on the early Dragonland albums are particularly good, or that Sonata Arctica are not abusing Auto-tune, to the point that I doubt, Tony Kakko can sing well truly live…) Axenstar might be a decent choice for ya. “Where Dreams are Forgotten” has a couple of good tunes in “Demise” and “The Reaper” with the rest being more mucky power metal pulp… but then again, when people are not too critical in the given genre, I guess everything goes. They are decent now...