Audioporn - Jezebel's Kiss

Jezebel's Kiss
JK Records
The interestingly named, Audio Porn, project, is a band that features two former members of Jezebel’s Kiss (hence the album title) - singer Arziel St Michael and drummer Byron Black Jeff as well as Jeff Westlake from the not really hot, at any time Hydrogyn, that people, were trying to convince us that were going to be the next big thing, just because they had a nice looking singer back in the day when they released their debut, but didn’t go too far after some albums.
It’s mediocre, modern sounding, hard rock, that’s not even that hard most of the time... the band tries to be commercial, so desperately, but in the end, it fails to convince, as most of the music on this album is too homogenized, to sound “dangerous” and edgy but also “too modern” to appeal, to the still sizable 80s demographic. They might appeal to c0ck swallowing groupies, that care only about the looks of musicians, if they got the looks, but seriously, most of the songs on here, sound like they are basement demos and are frankly a completely boring, unfocused stuff, that you’ve heard somebody else, doing 10 times better, years before. Generic riffs, mostly uninspired choruses, tons of mid tempo dross and some very lame poofy ballads that make Nickelback, sound like death metal.
Generic is the key word here and a bunch of good ideas and songs that they may have (ie “Deeper Than The Bone” tends to be quite decent, but them vocals’ could have been a lot more commanding and I guess my mp3 promo might have a corrupt file too cause they suspiciously clip) get drowned out, in a sea of mediocrity. Check them, if you’re big on hair metal, but you can probably, do without ‘em, otherwise.