Audio Love Nation - Delta

Audio Love Nation
Independent Released
Having only a 4-year presence as a band, these Hungarian rockers can easily be described as an “on the go” band. Their debut album, “101”, was released in 2010 and now after two years they’re back with their sophomore release. In the meantime, they toured in several European territories like: Czech Republic, Germany, England, Serbia and of course their homeland Hungary.
Blending garage rock, with hard, funk, blues, alternative & punk elements, they did come up with an energetic, lively & rockin’ outcome. The very good production actually gives more points to the album which was mixed and recorded by Barnabás Hidasi and produced by András Ádám Horváth at Soundmaster Studio in Budapest.
I like their attitude, the way they approach music & the way they have blended up all their influences into their music. They have shot a good video for the song “Web of Truth” (Hungary has some very beautiful women indeed!) and the album has its moments generally. Certainly, they have a long way to go and they can become better… but I think that working hard and evolving is part of the band. “Delta” is a more than a solid effort from a band which shows that when you have the guts to go all the way, then you can, in fact, achieve some of your goals. I’ll wait to see what the future will bring for this band…