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Attraction 65
Attraction 65
Atenzia Records
Well… I still cannot gather my pieces after listening to this tremendous band! Yes, as you might guess Attraction 65 is not only a surprise to me, but it is also a band that, I think, will take a leading part in the rock scene, in the near future!
Let’s take things from the very start: Attraction 65 is a band that was formed by the charismatic singer/composer Gregg Fulkerson and the bassist Michael Spears, who both played in the cult band Blue Tears, that only managed to release one terrific self-titled album in 1990. Anyone who has that album must be very happy, cause they probably know the abilities those two men have, although as far as the music part is concerned, there are only a few connections between Blue Tears and Attraction 65. But that is not bad at all, if you consider that “Blue Tears” was released almost 13 years ago and then it was a golden era for the hard rock music. Nowadays, although we have a resurrection of that golden era, either we want it or not, things are quite different. On the other hand, Attraction 65’s music is closer to the rock sound with elements from bands like U2, Bon Jovi and Creed. But good music is always good music, even in our times!
So, some of you may wonder what that new or good thing is that Attraction 65 has and makes them differ from the other good bands. I believe that the answer is very simple. Attraction 65 has inspiration and talent in writing catchy rock melodies and has an extremely good singer that takes the songs even higher! Moreover, Gregg has written eight out of the eleven songs of this album! I cannot say that the other members do not give an excellent performance in this album, but Gregg absolutely has an ace up his sleeve! The production of the album, as well, is impressive and crystal clear.
It’s really easier said than done for me, and for anyone that has listened to the album, to choose which the best songs are. Absolute highlights are: the outstanding hit “In Another Life”, the catchy, radio-friendly “Train”, the rocker “I Believe”, the mellow “Roll On” (as I was listening to the chorus of this song, Bono, crossed my mind!), the epic, melodious “Stand”, the rock ‘n’ roller “Rise Above”, the atmospheric heavy U2-like “Storm in My Heart”, the emotional ballad “Swept Away”, the semi-acoustic “Strong” (which has a U2 vibe) and last, but not least at all, the tremendous melodic tune “Eden”, a song that U2 haven’t been able to write for the past 10 years! It is true that “Attraction 65” is full of great songs and this CD will remain in your CD-player for a very long time!
Melodic and inspiring are the two words that can describe this album. Attraction 65 is a band for rock listeners that are looking for intelligent, melodic and qualitative music! If you think that nothing can touch you nowadays, or that there are no bands that can make you thrill while listening to their music, then try out Attraction 65 and you will re-consider. I only hope that Attraction 65 will go on producing albums like this one; take it because who knows, maybe after 10 years you might be searching for that album as some of us are doing now with the Blue Tears’ album. Better be forward looking…