Astralion - Astralion

Astralion cover
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How much do you fancy Euro power metal? If the answer is affirmative with loads of enthusiasm then you’re reading the right album review! Certainly the name Astralion may not remind you of anything and that’s obvious since the band was formed in 2011 and this is their self-titled debut release. Ohh I forgot to mention that Astralion comes from Finland and consists of members who used to play in Olympos Mons, The Addication and HumanGod. Is it relevant? Sure it is cuz as they say they follow the Finnish (Euro) power metal scene and they are (heavily) influenced by Sonata Arctica, Thunderstone, Hammerfall & Stratovarius. I’ll add the pioneering and “fathers” of the genre Helloween and Gamma Ray (due to Kai) and the music puzzle is done.
OK, I already hear the first “negative” whispers here. Nobody said anything about “originality”. I think the band itself will even agree to that. When I listened to the opener track “Mysterious & Victorious”, I thought I was listening to Gamma Ray for a sec! OK so let’s leave originality out of the game. What’s left? Great performances, superb production and nice melodies. If all these are not enough for ya, then you’re not into Euro power metal… to cut it short, if you’re not a (Euro) power metal freak, better leave the “hall”! “The Oracle”, “A the Edge of the World” (power metal has its comical side as well), “We All Made Metal” (even though a bit cliché), “To Isolde” (amazing ballad) are the tracks that stand out. The others are nice but very typical Euro power… only for the die-hard EPM fans.
I’ve been listening to (Euro) power metal since the early 90s (f@ck!! time flies!!), and all I can say is that I somewhat enjoyed this album, even though it has its cons. I think a second album, with more of the band’s personality (and more mid-tempo heavy/power tunes) would have been awesome… but I’m sure they know better about their next steps…