Asia - Silent Nation

Asia Silent Nation cover
Silent Nation
Inside Out Music
Three years after the astonishing “Aura” Asia is back with a new album that’s an indicator of what they can still do. I quite think they won that bet. Without many guest appearances like their previous, the line-up here is smaller and flexible. The guitarist Guthrie Govan, the drummer Chris Slade and the vocalist/bassist John Payne are being guided intelligently by the mastermind, songwriter & keyboardist Geoffrey Downes.
Keeping the prog elements of their past… but embellishing them with the known melodic rock/AOR Asia-like features, “Silent Nation” possibly showcases a moody & upfront (“Blue Moon Monday”, “Darkness Day” & “The Prophet”) side of the band. All those beloved Asia essentials are present on this album. The atmospheric keys, the symphonic passages, the prog/AOR touches… and above all, the catchy melodies. John’s giving some amazing performances throughout this album. Needless to say, the production is crystal clear & powerful!
I do not know how many of you thought that Asia could actually come up with another winner but they did so, displaying that they are in a great shape in general. This line-up seems to have a wonderful chemistry and I do hope they keep on offering us such inspired & memorable albums like “Silent Nation”. The fans of the band should be proud of the Asia legacy thus far. I do fancy the “classified” album title. We are indeed a silent nation – from the smallest country up to the biggest one… and that’s very sad at long last. Perhaps “Blue Moon Monday” “expresses” that thing in the best way…