Asgard - Outworld

Asgard Outworld cover
My Graveyard Productions
Picking up from where they left off with their debut album, “The Seal of Madness”, Asgard have made a huge step of progress in every part. Assuredly lots of bands lately, who are fond of the 80s metal era, have entered the game but when others are trying to “copy-paste” & imitate, these Italians have decided to take the hard way and make their own personal music without trying to be another clone in the scene.
Influenced by the early Helloween, Agent Steel, Exciter & Hallows Eve (among others), Asgard are offering a fine speed/power metal music amalgam of that era but with a fresh & contemporary sound. That’s another part where they differ from most of the other bands of their genre. The production is very strong, heavy and current. Simone Mularoni (DGM, Empyrios etc.) is the main person responsible for the recordings, the mixing and the mastering of the album… so how it couldn’t have been less than great! This guy has turned out to be one of the most important producers/musicians in Italy as we speak. He has also contributed a solo on the track “The Night Hawk”.
“Outworld” is a very good album that overflows with pure heavy, speed, power metal right at the heart of the 80s but without sounding retro or dated at any point. The guys never cease, not for a moment as they play like crazy throughout the album. If you do love this kind of music, of the 80s, and wanna find a band that deserves your time & money then Asgard can offer what you’re looking for…