Ascendia - The Lion and the Jester

Ascendia The Lion and the Jester cover
The Lion and the Jester
Independent Release
Ascendia is a new metal band that comes from Toronto, Canada. I came upon the band when I first watched the video for the lead track “At the End of It All”. I immediately realized that this is a talented band which I should pay attention to. Thankfully, they didn’t prove me wrong at all, as the band’s debut album “The Lion and the Jester” puts them into the heavy/power metal scene of both the US and Europe for good.
The band’s music is heavy/power but it is vastly embellished with symphonic, atmospheric and melodic elements. The singer Nick Sakal has a “tenor” touch on his voice, thing which gives the band a “diverse music approach” compared to the usual bands of the specific genre that typically choose high-pitched vocalists. Other than that, the guys do play with passion and devotion. All the performances are wonderful and the production is very powerful too. It was done by Stephen James Kerr and the band itself.
Ascendia has taken the first step in the music business and it is quite successful in every part. You do not get to hear such tight and cohesive debuts today when a new album comes every hour or so. These guys have taken care of all those details which can help a band stand out in general or get them buried in the plethora of everyday releases, if not taken care of at all. They have the strength and the musical abilities to take it all the way and they can make it if they play their cards right from now on. Closing I have to say that “At the End of It All” is among the top heavy/power metal tracks of 2015…