ArseA - A New Dawn

ArseA A New Dawn cover
A New Dawn
Revalve Records
ArseA is another Italian band, a sextet this time, that will in a couple of years have been going on for almost ten years. Their name’s a little bit of an unlucky choice and might make them the butt of many jokes (see this pun right here?) but I suppose they might have thought it sounded bad ass... (oops I did it again).
They indulge into an aggressive progressive style, which owns a bit to power metal too. They would have loved to be latter day, Fates Warning (the downtuned aggressive, yet still progressive band) but they just aren’t so good. Matteo Peluffo, their singer, has a rather peculiar voice, which sounds almost like a stoned version of Messiah Marcolin, or a Blaze Bailey, with more range, that strains quite a bit, to go into the vocal acrobatics he tries to launch himself in. The band offers fair performances, but the clinic production and mix, make them sound further processed and sterile.
They are a case of a capable band, that can write a song, but their overall performances, really fail to capture the imagination of the listener.