Arch/Matheos - Sympathetic Resonance

Arch/Matheos Sympathetic Resonance cover
Sympathetic Resonance
Metal Blade records
This is a collaboration that most of the progressive metal fans have been dreaming of so many years… what would have happened if John Arch had never left Fates Warning? What if… Well… no more asking about it… ‘cuz we know how it is like now.
“Sympathetic Resonance” will answer all your questions that have been around for decades. Maybe, that is how Fates Warning would have sounded like today if John was still in the band. This album is moving in the same music prog path like all the previous, last, FW albums did; heavy, complex, technical, atmospheric progressive metal. Jim Matheos is, undoubtedly, a prog mastermind… he can deliver complex atmospheric progressive metal so majestically making it hard for anyone to bypass his new music works. This is, in truth to be told, Fates Warning (all the members are playing in FW right now – or have been part of FW as well) with John Arch… it will bring the more straightforward music of FW with Arch on your mind, but with those progressive elements that FW put on their music right after his departure. I know that is not easy to describe it, but believe me… words are not enough sometimes.
This album has 6 songs (the average length is about 9 minutes) where you can hear some great performances by the band (Jim Matheos – guitars, Joey Vera – bass, Bobby Jarzombek – drums & Frank Aresti – additional lead guitar) along with John’s soaring “distinctive” vocals. The production is sleek, clear & very dynamic… giving extra points to the final result. 
Well, it’s hard to go wrong with Fates Warning and although the name here is not FW but Arch/Matheos that doesn’t change the quality music Jim and his friends are delivering with every new album a bit… no matter under what name they use. Play this album numerous times… give it time to grow inside you and you will be rewarded afterwards. Progressive metal music had never been an easy music genre… especially if it is delivered wisely through the heart with brilliant music ideas... and Matheos does know exactly how to do this… that’s why he is the best after all these years… not matter how sneakily some wannabe “gods” of prog metal music are trying to overcome it… they just can’t… Fates Warning will always be a step ahead of them…