Arch Enemy - Wages of Sin

Arch Enemy Wages of Sin cover
Arch Enemy
Wages of Sin
Century Media
Arch Enemy’s new album “Wages of Sin” was firstly released in Japan 8-9 months ago. Johan Liiva sings in that first edition of “Wages of Sin”. Finally, the time has come and the album, after some business problems that Arch Enemy had with their record company, is going to be released in the U.S.A and Europe on March 18th, 2002 (the new edition will contain 2 CDs, one will be the “Wages of Sin” and the other one is a bonus CD that features some bonus tracks, unreleased covers and a video clip with Johan Liiva on vocals)! Personally, I have listened to the first and the second edition of “Wages of Sin”. So I can tell that both of them are so fuckin’ heavy and supreme that I can’t tell which is better than the other!
In the time period that passed between the two releases, some changes occurred in the band. Their original singer Johan Liiva left the band and Angela Gossow took his place and became Arch Enemy’s new frontwoman! Her voice is absolutely demonic and many ears will bleed from her brutality! Honestly, I didn’t expect a woman to sing like that! The album is absolutely dynamic with an excellent production. Especially the first song of the album “Enemy Within” will stick on your mind! Other incredible songs are “Dead Bury Their Dead” (with Amott’s superb solo!!!), “Ravenous”, “The First Deadly Sin” and the unique “Burning Angel”. Mike and Christopher Amott know how to compose real death metal hymns and all their guitar harmonies are beyond comparison! A death-orgy that lasts 46 metal minutes!!!
So, now I believe that all those really poor people who believe that death metal has died won’t rest, won’t find a place to hide from the death metal tornado that is called Arch Enemy. The Amott brothers released a great record that will haunt your twisted imagination and fill you with hatred and power! Just remember that when you push “play” on you CD-player, you will be in front of a dilemma: Will you choose to turn the volume to maximum and ruin your stereo? Will you prefer to push “stop” cause your ears won’t be able to handle the brutality and the power of Arch Enemy? It’s up to you!!!
I stick to my opinion that “Wages of Sin” is one of the best albums for 2002! Arch Enemy is a very important band and with every new release they show the way death metal must be played nowadays. Just trust them and follow them in a journey to Hell and back!!!