Arcanum XII - Evening Lights

Arcanum XII Evening Lights cover
Arcanum XII
Evening Lights
Underground Symphony Records
Arcanum XII is an Italian band that debuts with their album “Evening Lights”. Their style is a lyrical prog metal that however leaves a bit to be desired…
Their production values are not great with over-compressed “everything” really with the drums sounding really tinny and the singer more flat than he probably is, while the guitar tone also is not as rich as probably when it was captured. The band is fairly competent and in the 6 tracks+intro of their debut, they make a fair effort to impress, almost single handedly stone-walled by their really amateur production and flimsy mix. “Why”, “My God” and “Seven” where a female singer is also involved.
Calling this album a masterpiece for fans of Dream Theater, Vanden Plas and King Crimson as their company does, is a bit of a tall order, as it’s definitely not some masterpiece you overlooked and as for the band references, they are probably a bit random. Maybe in a few years, with practice they will indeed become better and manage to produce something up to more strict standards and on par with these bands.