Arc Angel - Harlequins of Light

Arc Angel
Harlequins of Light
Frontiers Records
Jeff Cannata, the mastermind behind Arch Angel & Cannata, releases a new album under the name Arc Angel, almost after 11 years since “Tamorok” (as Arch Angel/Cannata) and 7 years since “Mysterium Magnum” (as Cannata). There are no major differences between those two monikers so do not be confused at all. I was looking forward to this album since Jeff is a very gifted artist and he doesn’t release music very often too.
Having heard the album a few times I can say that it left me with mixed feelings. As Jeff stated, he completed the album in six months, so it makes no wonder why it doesn’t reach the high standards of this skilled multi-instrumentalist, composer & singer. None can say that this is a poor album by any means. I do not think that Jeff can deliver something bad… but then again he can surely do much better than this. “Harlequins of Light” is like a crossover between his solo releases with his Arch Angel ones…
The production is clear and smooth. The tracks are mostly OK. The tracks that stand out here are “Through the Night” and “Fortune Teller 2” (taken from the album “Images of Forever”) which is the second time (I guess that’s why it is “2”) he re-releases it after “Tamorok” in 2002. You see when a cover of a song that has been written about 25 years ago is still among the best on your new album then something’s going wrong. Nonetheless, this is a solid album for the fans of AOR/melodic rock, hi-tech prog music… even though I was hoping for something way better…